How They Get You

People who beat me at Malifaux explain how they did it!

January 17th, 2017    

Episode 6: Seamus Shoots Your Favorite Model In The Head

An interview with the amazing and delightful Joshua MacAran from the wonderful Fauxs-Giving tournament over Thanksgiving weekend 2016 in Sacramento. Joshua talks about his excellent game with Seamus, and how he did it! (With brief guest appearances by Crissy DuBois!)

December 27th, 2016    

Episode 5: Marcus Jumps Around Smashing Your Things

An interview with Michael Hengl from the delightful Fauxs-Giving tournament over Thanksgiving weekend 2016 in Sacramento!

September 14th, 2016    

Episode 4: Pandora Makes You Stumble Over Yourself And Then Die

This is a very late episode! I recorded this in May, but took a long time editing it. Sorry about that!

In this episode I talk with Micah Sheller about his incredible all-star Pandora Crew and the great game we had at Breaching the Faux in Portland, Oregon, where he neatly destroyed my Brewmaster Crew. Micah's Pandora Crew starts by stacking his hand with the best cards, then Pandora Paralyzes enemy models and throws them out activation order, while Lilitu and the Doppelganger Lure models in for Nekima to crush.

Thanks for a great game and a great interview, Micah!

Music: Teleport Count by Broken Ragabash.

April 21st, 2016    

Episode 3: Mei Feng Has An Army Of Scary Robots And Bounces Your Face Off The Wall

In this episode I talk with Derrek Chu about how he plays Ten Thunders Mei Feng, and how he beat my Ulix Crew by making great use of terrain, extremely durable (and summonable) Constructs, and board control.

This is from a tournament a few months ago, so I'm glad we finally were able to record and publish this!

Music: Teleport Count by Broken Ragabash.

November 29th, 2015    

Episode 2: Lilith Owns The Terrain And Moves Faster Than You

In episode two, I talk with Jacob Berry about his fine use of Lilith against Leveticus in our recent 50ss Interference match. We played during a recent tournament at Game Kastle in Fremont on their beautiful Batman board.

We recorded on-site at Endgame in Oakland. As a free piece of added bonus content, I've also included the cheering of gamers playing other tabletop games in the background!
Music: Teleport Count by Broken Ragabash.

September 6th, 2015    

Episode 1: Kirai Throws Jumpscare Ghosts In Your Face

Welcome to episode one of How They Get You, where I talk with people who beat me at Malifaux, and ask them to explain how they did it!

This episode, I talk with Kevin (Nicodemic Underwood) about our game, Leveticus vs. Kirai, a 50ss Reckoning Game.

Music: Teleport Count by Broken Ragabash.

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